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Jun 22, 2017 – 07:30 AM

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Xplore Engineering is designed for alumni and the children in their life entering the 4th through 7th grade. Through a series of experiential workshops, participants get hands-on experience in a variety of engineering disciplines. General Information Dates and Times 2 ­day option: June 22nd & 23rd2­ day option w/ dorm stay: June 22 - ­June 23rd (check-in June 21st)1­ day options: June 22nd or 23rdRegistration: 7:30 am ­- 8:45 amEvent Hours: 9 am - 5 pm Get Ready to Start Xploring! Each registration includes 1 child and 1 adult. Families bring more than one child will need to register and pay for the additional children and their accompanying adult(s) individually. If 2 adults are bringing one child, the additional adult can be added to your registration for a small fee. Payment: You will be prompted to choose a one or two-day event. If you want to attend both days select both tickets. Dorm stays, additional adults, and kids t-shirts can be added to your registration at check out. Payment via credit card is required in order to continue your registration process. Workshop & Tour Selection: After you make your Thursday and / or Friday day ticket selections you will next be prompted to make your workshop & tours selections. Reminder: Workshop availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Confirmation Email: After completing your registration a confirmation page will be displayed. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email showing your workshop and tour selections. A detailed itinerary will also be given to you when you check in the day of the event. Workshop Descriptions How Much will Your Bridge Hold? Bridges are some of the biggest, coolest structures we use every day. And now, you can design and build your own. You'll learn how engineers create safe, strong bridges and see how your own design stacks up in the bridge strength competition. Light, Pinholes and Lenses! Xplore Image Formation By Building a Simple Camera Your cell phone camera uses concepts that are hundreds of years old. This workshop will show you how cameras combine new and old technology in one of the most popular devices we use every day. Learn about light, image formation, and optics while building your own camera out of a coffee cup. You owe it to your selfie to attend this fun workshop. Are You Radioactive? Learn how to see and measure radiation, one of the most powerful and mysterious forces in the universe. You'll build your own radiation detector using everyday household objects to see the natural radiation that is all around us. Inner Engineering Some of the most fascinating machines in the engineering world do their work inside the human body--taking pictures of cells, performing surgical procedures and more to keep us healthy. In this course, you'll work in a group to learn how these machines work and build a model machine that can pick up an object, direct light and more. The Manufacturing Process Challenge You'll work with a team to invent a process for wrapping candy and getting it to its final destination, then go head-to-head with other teams to see whose process is the fastest and best quality. Along the way, you'll learn all about the fundamentals of industrial operations engineering including continuous improvement, quality control, and more. Diving in the Deep Get a hands-on introduction to the world of submersibles, the small submarines that scientists use to explore the Earth's most remote underwater worlds. You'll use the concepts of pressure, weight, and buoyancy to learn how National Geographic explorer James Cameron survived a dive 36,000 feet underwater, into the deepest part of the ocean. Cracking Bones Learn about the types of cells and proteins found in bones and their roles in bone strength. We’ll compress and bend bones under different conditions to discover how strong bones are, what can affect their strength, and how to strengthen your own! Can You Walk on or Bounce a Fluid? Can you walk across a pool full of fluid? You'll learn how as you discover viscosity, shear, flow, and many other weird and fascinating properties of everyday fluids. 3D Printing and Modeling Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of the UM3D Lab and learn how to make 3D models perfect for 3D Printing. You will design and print your own creations and even take them home. eXtraordinary Materials Have you ever seen an ordinary item do something totally unexpected? In the world of materials, we are always finding new ways to make substances with surprising properties. In this workshop, you will use real research tools - high magnification microscopes, cryogenic substances, rare earth magnets, and more - to see that everyday materials can be far from ordinary! Neural Engineering: Talking and Listening to Nerves: Your nervous system is as fast as lightning! Accidentally touch a hot stove? Before you even realize it, you have pulled your hand away. Want to kick that soccer ball? Just think about it, and less than a second later you have scored the winning goal. Come learn how sensations are turned into feelings and how ideas are turned into actions. We will use insects to teach you how to engineer the nervous system. Then we'll show you how engineers are using neuroscience to move robotic arms with brainpower and help paralyzed people walk again. (insects are used in this experiment) The Life and Death of Plastic Did you know that your polyester T-shirt and your pop bottle are made out of the same material? They’re both made of the same polymer! Aided by goo and marshmallow fluff, we will teach you all about polymers and one of their largest applications, plastics! We discuss the importance of recycling and the process of remanufacturing plastic bottles into new items. Driverless Cars Cars are getting smarter all the time, even smart enough to drive themselves! Learn how cars use sensors, programming logic, and control, and then incorporate them with a semi-autonomous vehicle to race through a maze. Engineering a Cure for Cancer Engineers design technology, and biologists explore cancer - put them together and you're one step closer to a cure! Join the Biointerfaces Institute to learn how different research labs are using engineering to understand cancer and find treatments. Various labs will host several interactive hands-on activities and demonstrations where kids can touch and explore. Filling in the Blanks How does a computer know what you want to say and make suggestions to finish your sentence? Its called computational linguistics. Learn how computers recognize patterns and make suggestions. Solar Solutions: Harnessing the Sun's Energy Get an inside look at how solar cells harness the sun's energy. Then, you'll make your own solar concentrator by cutting and folding reflective plastic just like a piece of origami. You'll measure the performance of your design against other students. You will take your solar collector home with you! Up, Up and Away! Build and launch your own rocket and launching system as you learn about the principles that power these amazing machines. You'll even compete with other students to see whose rocket goes the furthest. Tour Descriptions Virgin Galactic Becoming an Astronaut: From rocket engines to zero gravity somersaults, we'll talk live with an astronaut-in-training and a real life spaceship builder about what it takes to safely send astronauts to explore space. Learn more about Virgin Galactic's human spaceflight program here. Aerospace Wind Tunnels Can you lift one million pounds… with air? Join us as we discuss how to lift huge loads using air as we tour UM's aerospace wind tunnels. A scale model of a heavy lift airplane will demonstrate how massive weight can be lifted off the ground, supported by a liquid so thin that you can’t even see it. We also build space craft that “fly” in an absence of air. “How do they do that?” Wilson Student Team Project Center The Wilson Center is used by 22 student teams, like the solar car, formula SAE and cement canoe teams for research and hands-on development and fabrication. The Wilson Center furnishes groups with a unique opportunity to interact with one another, share ideas, and showcase their projects. The Wilson Center meets a critical need by providing students with dedicated space and facilities for teams to compete nationally and internationally. Lurie Nanofabrication Lab The LNF provides effective, efficient, safe, and socially responsible access to advanced nanofabrication equipment and expertise thereby promoting, enabling, and encouraging cutting-edge education, research and business development from materials and individual process steps to entire systems. Equipment and processes are available for research on silicon integrated circuits, MEMS, III-V compound devices, organic devices and nanoimprint technology. 3D Labs The 3D Lab provides the entire University of Michigan community access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in 3D simulation, digital fabrication, education, visualization, motion capture, modeling, animation, and application development. The 3D Lab strives to capture and encourage the creative spirit by providing the tools, expertise, and collaborative opportunities needed to support cutting edge research, academic initiatives, and innovative uses of technology in an open and inviting environment. Storm Watch Ever notice how one hurricane can cause much more damage than another? That’s because all hurricanes are not equal. Some are faster and have higher wind, while others come in at low tide. On this tour you will meet the scientists who are leading the way in predicting how intense a hurricane will become when it reaches land. These scientists are working on CYGNSS (Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System), a NASA mission that aims to improve extreme weather prediction. We’ll show you a life-size model of one of the eight micro-satellite observatories that CYGNSS will use to measure wind speed. Get an inside peek at this mission, which launched in November 2016. M City M City: A test city for autonomous vehicles. This 32-acre "mini-city" designed expressly for testing connected and automated vehicle systems, and other emerging 21st-century smart city technologies, is taking shape on the University of Michigan's North Campus. M City opened in the spring of 2015. Bell Tower Tours The Secrets of Lurie Bell Tower The 60-bell carillon of Lurie Tower is one of less than 200 of its kind in North America. See this rare instrument and the art of carillon playing up close, get a behind-the-scenes look at what's inside the various levels of the tower, and learn to take part in a bell-ringing tradition yourself! Robot Science Fiction or Science Fact? Can you tell the difference between Science Fiction and Science Fact? Are today's bipedal robots anything like what you see at the movies, such as in I Robot? Come learn about the state of the art in such legged machines and see how today's work is already helping people to walk better after major injuries. We'll also provide some suggestions on how you might target a career in this exciting area of engineering and science! T-Shirt T-Shirts are $16 each and can be added to your order when you register.  Please refer to the t-shirt sizing chart when selecting a t-shirt size for your child. FAQs Click to see FAQs.

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